Thursday, January 8, 2009

Water Toys & Patterns

Today, I received my Patterns DVDs! (Click here for more info.)
Despite having seen my friend Sara's kit, I couldn't help but be a bit disappointed in the packaging. (It really appears to come in 4 pizza boxes!) I have to remember that they are essentially step-by-step "instructions" with very little theory (covered elsewhere) and that the proof is going to be in playing with them with my horses! I'm eager to get out and get started, but the weather hasn't been too cooperative..

Yesterday, we had so much rain that our "pond" returned. For fun, I went out and plopped a couple of pool toys in the water to amuse the Rockies. (I knew that Smokey wouldn't go anywhere near it.) Somehow, Guinness enticed Cody into getting in the water with him.

Here is a little video of the two of them in the water. Notice the toys drifting by in the wind and their (non) reactions!

Here is another video of Cody & Guinness horsing around together:

And here was the scene that greeted me this morning!

Fortunately, the snow melted off pretty quickly. Too bad that I had to stay inside and work. :-(

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