Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Milestone!

Here is some video footage showing Guinness' latest skill:

This footage was taken yesterday afternoon by a visiting friend (thanks, Amy!).

It was only about the 3rd time that I've allowed my full weight to rest on Guinness - even for a moment.

It was hot, humid, and the flies abounded, so he is wiggling around much more than previously. I'm also struggling to get the treats out of my pocket.. Anyway, it is progress! And, I'm thrilled that he is doing all of this at liberty!!

Just getting this far with him is breaking through my mental barriers. Now I'm fantasizing about trying my Level 2 assessments (online & freestyle riding) with him instead of Smokey.

I just love this little guy. :-)


Ark said...

Hurray Clare and Guinness!
That looked great and will only become easier and easier!....Good work!


Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...'ll be bareback and bridleless in no time!

livingwaterfarm said...

How did you get him to do that?? Your video is so inspiring! I really need to see more things like this to get me to do more with my horse.

Eden said...

that is such big progress!!!!! amazing job Clare and Guinness!!