Wednesday, September 23, 2009

YouTube NOW!

Well, so much for "someday I'll post something to YouTube." Carpe diem!

I've just uploaded some clips of yesterday's play session with Guinness. Click here to watch.

We focused on attempting some of the tasks listed after each lesson in the pocket guides. (After reviewing the "old" Levels materials some more, I decided to start back at the beginning of the old Level 1, instead of the old Level 2, as I'd previously written.)

With Guinness, "old things" seem new again! About 5 years ago, the last time that I went through this material, I was trying to learn with Smokey. It was like swimming through molasses and left us both drained.

In contrast, playing with Guinness is pure joy. We are racing through the old Level 1 tasks and keeping our eyes on old Level 2, where I'm going to have to learn more myself to keep up.

Fun, fun, fun.


Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Clare--I am really happy that you bought Guinness. You seem so much happier now. I think you found your PNH partner. :)

Anonymous said...

all your horses are beautiful! and i agree with michelle -- guinness really sounds great!