Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pony Party

Today I celebrated my birthday by hosting a little pony-party!

My friend, Sierra, came with her horse, Gandalf. This was her first solo trailering experience and she did great!

Several other friends came horseless. We had a great time talking and pigging out on a delicious carrot cake that my mother-in-law had prepared.

I just wanted to report on a few of Guinness' successes today.
  • A balloon popped under him while he was drinking from the trough and he didn't even lift his head
  • He backed up on to a trailer (with a ramp) and then cantered back to me
  • Both Sierra and I rode him in the round pen, and Sierra dismounted twice by sliding over his rump
  • He chased a bike with balloons and streamers tied to it, at liberty
  • He got all 4 of his feet up on a tractor-tire pedestal for the first time!

What a fun day. :-)

PS - My camera is lost again..

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