Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some of Guinness' Kinfolk

I just got word today that the Doug & Alicia Coop, the breeders of Coop's Midnight Rain (a.k.a. "Guinness"), are proud to announce this year's babies!

Unfortunately, Barb's Cocoa, Guinness' mom, didn't catch last year so no baby from her. (I believe that she is about 20 years old.) These fillies are Guinness' half neices - daughters of his half sisters out of Cocoa. (I think that I have that straight!)

The dark one is Coop's Liberty. Her dam is Coop's Haylee Sundown (in picture with her), and her Sire is Coop's Freedom.

The lighter color one is Coop's Natashsa. Her dam is Coop's Jasmine Rose, and her Sire is Choc Dock. Both were born in April.

The third and final filly was born just this morning. April, Alicia's silver buckskin mare, had a black filly. She has one white sock and a cute little star. Alicia discovered her this morning around 7 a.m. just as a storm was about to hit! She was just leaving for work and got thoroughly soaked before getting them into the barn. Both mom and foal are fine.

Another exciting event was the purchase of Guinness' full brother, Coop's Shadow, by a Parelli student named Ellen from Georgia. Apparently, this blog about Guinness' exploits helped to convince Ellen to travel all the way to Kentucky to check him out. Yippee! I hope to receive a photo of Ellen and Shadow someday soon. :-)

For more information on Guinness' family, including several yearlings for sale, please click here:

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Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Great photos, Clare---don't you just love babies???