Saturday, June 13, 2009

Trail Obstacle Competition!

Last Sunday, Guinness and I competed in the Trail Obstacle Competition at Canterbury Farm. I'm thrilled to report that we won third place in the Unmounted division against stiff competition. This was only Guinness' second time traveling somewhere, unloading and then reloading. And, it was his *first* playdate! He was a real trooper and obviously enjoyed himself.

Here is the list of obstacles:
1. Mounting Block - stand still while mount (jump up if unmounted)
2. Circle arena - at faster than walk mounted (1/2 arena if unmounted)
3. "L" in corner with tarps - enter and go through forward, then back through
4. Enter box and do 360 degree turn - don't touch timbers, back out of box
5. Cross tarp with water
6. Stand on pedestal
7. Friendly with noodle - go to fence, pick up noodle, rub both sides of horse and swing overhead, replace
8. Drag drain tile from barrel to cone
9. Cross parallel poles - ok to walk or jump
10. Noodles of death
11. Open gate, walk down slope to cone, back up hill through gate and close
12. Straddle lengthwise pole
13. Back between two barrels and around a third barrel then back through first two barrels
14. Sidepass over pole
15. Groundtie horse on bridge, walk 360 degrees around horse, then back horse off of bridge

He was happy and enthusiastic about everything. We look forward to many more events like this! :-)


Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

It looks like you all had a great time. Congrats to you and Guinness too! The photos are wonderful.

horsegirlonajourney said...

Wow that sounds so fun!!! I love the Noodles of Death. At our old barn we hung some clearance-sale polo wraps from a tree branch to make a car wash, but I was unable to bring them with me when I moved. I totally want to set that up again here -- but with NOODLES OF DEEAAAAAAATH.