Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

This morning, Guinness experienced his first parade. We unloaded amongst several antique cars, then located the other horses among the pre-parade chaos.

One member of our Parelli Play Group carried the flag to lead the parade on her horse, April. Next came a large group of flag-bearing Boy & Girl Scouts. Then came me leading Guinness. A member of the SWVA Natural Horsemanship Club and her young student rode behind us, followed by kids on bikes, 4-wheelers, wagons, than antique cars and firetrucks. It was a noisy, balloon and flag-filled procession!

We ended the parade at a little park which was very crowded with floats, vehicles and kids. We turned and watched all of the vehicles come in to the park. When the firetrucks with sirens blaring passed by, Guinness began to frantically eat and tuned them out. What a wonderful coping mechanism. :-)

Guinness did great! He was a bit nervous, especially about the rolling things behind him. He didn't mind the flags or balloons at all. He eagerly sought out all dogs and kids lined up along the parade route. I allowed him to grab a bite of grass whenever possible to get his mind on something calming.

We returned home safe and sound. I turned the abnormally well-groomed fellow out with his buddies. Now he has something to ponder for a few days until the trail competition next weekend.

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Ark said...

Congrats on your successful first parade with Guinness!! He looks really great in the photos!