Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Trails

Today, Cody & I went on a wonderful trail ride with a friend and her TB gelding. I hand walked Cody a little way just to be sure that he was with me mentally, then mounted in a huge field. He was an angel - no oinking or swinging around when I mounted. He also stood still while I got settled. (I remounted several more times and he was great each time.)

We crossed both a creek with muddy banks and a culvert with water running under it without any issues.

We used a bridle with the Watts (PNH) sweet iron snaffle using a freestyle (loose) rein. I was happy to allow him to eat, as long as he kept moving along.

I feel safe to say that we both enjoyed ourselves. :-)

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brian b. said...

Hey I Love trail riding and everything horses. I own 1 horse, a quarter horse 18 years old.

Rides english and western.

Let's Ride!