Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good Morning

This morning, Guinness and I went for the walk the we intended for yesterday. This time, I didn't put the saddle on him. We left the paddock and explored the lower part of the woods. I was very pleased that he didn't call or respond as the other horses called to him.

On the way back up the driveway, we practiced leading with precision and "mirror me." He did pretty well considering that we haven't done much of this. He did resist the forward pressure on the halter slightly, but was willing to gait next to me on a loose lead.

However, his Porcupine Game seems to be broken! He would ignore my phase 1 & 2, and then respond to my phase 3 like, "how rude of you"! We'll definitely have to play with that more. His Driving Game was pretty good though. We practiced the HQ yield into FH yield patten, with legs crossing at the appropriate times.

It was fun. I didn't use treats however (since we didn't really play with any new behaviors), and as I was leaving, he was moping. I asked him to back up about 15 feet at Liberty and then to "smile" - then I gave him a cookie and he seemed satisfied. :-)

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