Friday, February 5, 2010

Horse Pee!

The funniest thing happened a minute ago. I was out feeding the guys in the ongoing snowstorm and was topping off the water trough. I looked up and about 50 feet away from me, Smokey was stretched out to take a pee in the snow.

Well, my friend Diane C. always whistles Yankee Doodle as her horses pee.. This is to try to teach them to associate a cue for it, which would be very useful for encouraging your mount to relieve themselves during the vet check on an endurance ride. Anyway, over the past year, I've taken to whistling the theme from Andy Griffith while my guys pee, so I started up when I saw Smokey getting ready to go. ;-)

To my total surprise, Guinness eagerly emerged from the run-in shed right next to me, stared at me running water running into the trough, glanced at Smokey peeing and then stretched out to go too! I clicked him once he had a stream going, and kept whistling and clicking as he went.

When he finished, I ran into the run-in for alfalfa cube treats. He appeared to be very proud of himself.

How interesting!

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