Sunday, March 7, 2010

Horsenality: Charting Guinness

I just took a moment to re-chart Guinness' horsenality on the Parelli Horsenality Profiletm chart. (Click here for sample charts.)

Here are the significant results. I've omitted the "mild" traits - by far the majority!

Left-Brain Extrovert characteristics (7 of them)


  • playful
  • tendency to bite/strike (other horses)
  • mouthy
  • friendly
  • smart
  • willful
  • exuberant

Left-Brain Introvert characteristics (5 of them)

  • food-oriented
  • calm
  • easily bored
  • clever
  • dependable
This pretty much shows that he is, at this point, borderline LBE/LBI - perhaps leaning toward "extrovert." There were no marks in RBI and only 3 mild marks in RBE (at a parade!) for impulsive, runs over you, & bracy.

In my opinion, leadership strategies for him, in particular, would include:

1. Play

  • be creative
  • new things/lessons
  • speed up
2. Incentive
  • purpose
  • scratches
  • treats

* The big challenge for me will be getting him obedient (goal for LBE) while maintaining his motivation (goal for LBI) - remembering that he desensitizes really easily.

I should avoid:
  • retreat (except possibly to improve draw)
  • repetition?
  • going slowly
  • allowing him to be close to me all of the time
  • Liberty, until he is much more obedient Online
We should particularly practice (on the 22' & eventually 45' rope)
  • moving his FOREHAND!
  • Yo-Yo - balanced drive/draw
  • Porcupine Game
  • All parts of Circling Game
  • Figure 8 pattern
I'm going to try to go through the PNH literature with all of this in mind. I'm also going to print this out and post it in the barn as a reminder!!

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