Saturday, November 27, 2010

For the Record

To date, here is my inventory of Guinness' and my remaining L2 & L3 tasks to master:

Level 2
  • Patterns: Figure-8, Weave, Circles
  • Move sideways (keep feet still) - need to test
  • Teach horse to stand on 3 legs (hold each leg up for 30 seconds) - we're so close!
  • YoYo back and forth from Zone 3 - need to test
  • Circling 4 – 6 laps trot, canter - we have 4 laps at a trot, on a good day
  • Traveling circles - sort of
  • Circling with obstacles and maintain gait at a trot
  • Circling 2 – 4 laps without breaking gait at walk, trot - how does this differ from above?
  • Sideways without fence - needs to be straighter
Level 3 (we haven't done anything with the 45' yet)
  • Massage with clippers - need to test, ok with messager
  • Lead backwards by hind leg -usually
  • Point A to Point B, 45-foot Line
  • Drive from Z5: one rein - great on the trail, but in an open area?
  • Back and draw towards you (45-foot Line)
  • Jump towards you, stop, back to obstacle
  • One hind leg and front leg over a pole - straddle?
  • Circling 6 – 10 laps at canter
  • Circling walk, trot, canter transitions
  • Simple change of direction at canter
  • Obstacles, hills, maintain gait
  • Sideways fast (on 22 or 45-foot Line)
  • Along log or fence, keep my feet still
Freestyle Riding
Level 2
  • Passenger Lesson at trot *very soon!
  • Circle with Casual Rein, 4 laps at walk and trot
  • Sideways 20’ (facing the fence)
  • All Freestyle patterns, except Follow the Rail
Level 3 (I haven't tried riding with two carrot sticks yet)
  • Passenger Lesson at canter
  • Bridle and unbridle from your horse’s back - I bet that we can do this now
  • Canter, stop and get off - with the sticks?
  • Refined Direct and Indirect Rein
  • Lateral Flexion, 2 Sticks
  • Disengage with two Carrot Sticks
  • Full turn - with sticks?
  • Transitions: halt-walk-trot-canter (2 Sticks)
  • Circling carrot Sticks on your shoulders, canter 4 laps, with less than 4 corrections total (1 per lap)
  • Circling simple change, bowtie
  • Circling with Casual Reins: canter 4 laps with less than 2 corrections per lap - is this correct?
  • Sideways with 2 Carrot Sticks
  • 20’ Sideways without fence
  • A log (12”-18”), turn, face and wait, 2 sticks
Level 2 - Done!
Level 3
  • Lead backwards by hind leg - most of the time
  • Lead by ear, chin - most of the time
  • Stick to Me at canter
  • Stick to Me Transitions: walk, trot, canter, halt and back up - most of the time
  • YoYo transitions: halt, walk, trot, canter and back up - not sure what this means
  • Circling 6 – 10 laps (trot and canter)
  • Circling walk, trot and canter - transitions?
  • Circling change of direction at canter with simple change
  • Circling 3 laps with a barrel - what does this mean?
  • Circling single spin - working on it!
  • Circling change direction at trot
  • All Level 2 and up - I'm not planning to ride him in a bridle until he will follow my feel without reins

A lack of impulsion is our main obstacle in many of these tasks. Looks as though we need to let go of the roundpen and to focus on practicing the Patterns, both Online & Freestyle, in our small pasture. It is time to truly let go of my historic reluctance to ride outside of the roundpen at home. Funny - I confidently ride him everywhere away from home.

* Please post a comment if you can offer me insight into any of this! *


inchwormwv said...

Hey Clare, great self assessment, now you know where to put some focus. You have inspired me to complete the Self Assessment checklists for Augie and Bullet as well. Helps me get unstuck :-)

Naturally Gaited said...

I figure once per year, whether I need it or not! Really, Carol Coppinger suggests doing it each month!