Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nitty Gritty Plan

Guinness and I are enrolled in Carol Coppinger's L3 camp in Bristol next May. Although she has already approved us to participate based on our performance last year, it seems only reasonable that we strive to officially pass L2 prior to the event. I'd like to have both auditions submitted by April 1st, at the latest.

Online Level 2 Try using a feather-light line or the equivalent to prevent "noise" in the line

We should be able to knock these two tasks right out:
  • Teach horse to stand on 3 legs (hold each leg up for 30 seconds)
  • YoYo back and forth from Zone 3 practice stick-to-me
Patterns: Break down into components, CT to teach/reinforce each component, then chain together with emphasis on giving Guinness responsibility for each pattern. study the Patterns!
  • Figure 8
  • Weave
Sideways: Guinness knows this behavior, but I need to allow him more responsibility in the execution! I need to focus on getting quieter in my body.
  • Move sideways keep feet still
  • Sideways without fence
Circles: Guinness has learned to circle me up to 4 or so laps at a time at a walk, but it needs to be reinforced in and out of the roundpen. Trotting is a bit newer to him. I need to help him to differentiate between my requests for walk vs. trot vs. canter (cue words) and to teach him to maintain the gait until requested otherwise, understanding that this is a *challenging* task for an LBI unless a game is made of it! (Break gait/change direction/tag where he was with a laugh. Jackpot when he "wins.") Once he masters the cues for the three gaits and the "game" and then all four of these will be achievable.
  • Circling 2 – 4 laps without breaking gait at both walk & trot
  • Circling 4 – 6 laps trot/canter
  • Circling with obstacles and maintain gait at a trot
  • Traveling circles
Freestyle Riding Level 2
  • Passenger Lesson at trot
    We are ready to play with this NOW! I'd like to do this in Julie's small arena the first time and work up to doing it in my back field. Even if he canters a bit, he is so "short" that I should survive..
    This is mostly about MY confidence, 'cause I don't intend to use the reins!!
  • Circle with Casual Rein, 4 laps at walk and trot
    Should be a cinch after mastering circles online, but need to exit the roundpen for trotting.
  • Sideways 20’ facing a fence
    Practice traveling up to 20' feet with subtle cues.
  • Freestyle patterns: FTR, Fig.-8, Weave, Transitions, Question Box, Obstacles
    I have a vision of creating a Question Box in the center of my roundpen and leaving both gates open. This would allow us to ride within the roundpen, just outside the perimeter of the roundpen, and in large loops from one entrance to the other. I have plenty of barrels, logs, poles, etc. to provide variation & amusement - I just need to take the time to set them up. Our practice with this will probably be at the walk/trot due to the likelihood of slippery footing. When the roads are ok, I could haul to a friend's place with a large outdoor arena and firm parking area.

We have 4 months to prepare, but they tend to be rainy/cold months, so it will take perseverance. Michelle's husband gave me advice about lighting my roundpen/back field with two 500 watt halogen fixtures mounted to the rail of my deck, which should help a ton. Thanks, Rick!

I should probably plan to enroll in "lessons" at my local indoor arena in Feb/March, just to have a back-up place once per week to practice (provided that the roads are passible).

Time to git 'er done.


Lisa said...

Good luck! I am trying to fix some elements to be able to submit my L4 liberty and my L3 freestyle.

Cricket is the obvious choice for the liberty but I'm not sure which horse I'll use for freestyle. Probably Cricket but I have a feeling Bleu is going to play a major role in getting my confidence where it needs to be.

I'm going to try and use Parelli Connect to log my time with both horses and use the tasks to keep me motivated and progressive.

Naturally Gaited said...

Thank you. Honestly, it is a bit daunting. I'm not sure why since we've come so far, but these tasks are the "dregs"!

So which tasks are your sticking points? You should blog about it too. :-)