Saturday, July 7, 2012


I had a very interesting week this week..  Lost electrical power at home for 7 days due to a "derecho" storm!  Somehow between hauling water and sweating, I managed to find time to play with my critters.

While playing with Guinness (asking him to change direction from side to side, and then to back rapidly) he began to offer a small rear.  I treated him for it and then refined it to having him do it when I crouch and then "rear up" myself.  This is something that I've always wanted him to learn, but I've been afraid of creating a monster.  I'm trying keep very clear the difference between when I want him to back and when to rear, and to keep him a safe distance away from me..  Reminds me very much of the perils of teaching a horse to move sideways toward the handler.  One must always be sure that a counter cue is firmly in place first.  ;-)

Rode Guinness for an hour and a half this morning at our local recreation area. We rode out alone for the first time in ages and he did great.  Used his new EasyBoot Glove hoof boots.  They seem to fit well, and are MUCH easier to get on then other boots I've used.  However, I didn't get one gaiter tight enough and he wound up with a gravel and small stick on one boot. Also, they held creek water so I will need to drill some small holes in them.  Lucky for me he didn't freak at the squelching sounds coming from his feet.

I'm still riding him in the Abetta Endurance saddle.  It is a cheap saddle, but light weight and with the Theraflex pad, he has a perfectly even sweat pattern with no rumpled hairs.  Yippee!

Speaking of saddles, I need a second one for use when both horses are being ridden.  Have been planning to buy a second Abetta, but am balking at paying $550 for the style that I want.  Today, I ran across a 17" Derby Originals synthetic dressage saddle for around $100.  It is very light and was comfy to sit in - at least on a saddle stand.  I have NO idea how these saddles are sized or how they are supposed to fit, but it seems ok when placed on Guinness' back..?  I may try riding in it tomorrow to see how it goes.  I would love to have this saddle as an alternate for ring work and in case I ever get into the sport of Working Equitation.

PS - I decided against purchasing this saddle.
Just too small for both of us.. However, I am now looking to purchase a Wintec Pro dressage. Anyone have a used 18-19 inch for sale?!

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