Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cody Needs a New Partner

My friend is looking to place her RMH gelding "Cody" free to a good home - preferably practicing some variation of natural horsemanship.  She is in her mid 60s with health issues and is motivated to find Cody a partner that will do fun things with him.  He would love to do mounted search & rescue and competitive trail.  I'm hoping that you guys might know someone who needs this fellow!!

Cody is around 12 years old (no papers since he came to my friend through a rescue group - he was found abandoned with other exotic animals).  She has had him 6 or so years.  Cody is a classic left-brain horse with a bit of a cynical "what's in it for me" attitude.  If make things fun for him, he will relax and respond with enthusiasm!  He loves any variation on clicker training and really enjoys performing tricks and working obstacles, and of course hitting the trail.

Cody's issue is that he has two club front hooves and very upright conformation in his front legs.  He has been diagnosed with high ringbone which is believed to have fused.  (He is now 100% sound according to his vet.) He has mostly been ridden in a halter at a fast walk, but lately has been in training with a dressage rider who has taught him to collect himself using a snaffle bit.  He gaits in the field, but not yet reliably under saddle. He is barefooted.

Cody loads easily onto a trailer & backs off quietly, bathes, stands for farrier (see photo below), ties well, and respects electric fence.  He loves other geldings - will play all day long with his buddies - but distrusts mares and is likely to kick at them.

Here is a link to the post where I describe Cody's success at our local fair horse show a couple of years ago.
(There are lots of other details and photos about Cody throughout this blog site too!)

If you know of anyone, please feel free to share my blog.  To contact me, please comment on this blog with your email address and I will see it but not post.  Cody resides in SW Virginia.

Thank you!
 Happy Trails!

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