Saturday, April 3, 2010

Online Tune Up

Here are a few notes from this morning's session with my L4S friend coaching:

- A snappier back-up helped the rest of the session. Tiny phase 1, progressing RAPIDLY to a flick at his chest with lots of intention.

- Playing in the big field away from the other horses gave G. lots of exuberance, which was easier to shape than lethargy!

- When he is being silly and having fun, allow it. When he starts to ask questions, shape it.

- Use grass as the incentive for effort. He doesn't have to pay attention to me at all times.

- When he comes in or stops without being asked, allow for about 1 SECOND and then calmly ask for something else.

- Need to play with sharpening up "hind your hiney" on 22' line.

- Need to play with moving FH (esp. shoulder) by *lifting lead* (to rock weight back), looking over withers, and asking shoulder to yield rather than so much nose.

- He is less willing to switch from giving me his left eye to his right (versus the other way).

- On send, lift leading rope, direct energy at his shoulder, & swirl him faster with my hips (my terminology)! Try to get his shoulder to move away.

All in all, this was a very informative session. Now I'm off to watch a demo of L3/4 skills in the four finesses. :-)

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inchwormwv said...

Hey Clare, sorry I could not make it - thanks for sharing the information.