Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Safety Dance

After writing my last post, I went to take a bath and this stupid song from the 80's kept running through my mind until I finally paid attention to it, "Do the Safety Dance, Safety Dance.."

I think that it must be a big hint about how to find relaxation. It also occurred to me that I have an incredibly difficult time finding relaxation in my own life! How interesting. Also, relaxation is connected with finding a "good neutral."

Anyway, I just got a call from my friend, Tenley. She has had some big insights in the last few days into how she may have been blowing through some thresholds with her young guy, Augie, without noticing, and perhaps misinterpreting his behavior. Hmm.

Step one seems to be identifying the subtle signs of Guinness' mental state shifting to RBI. Next, I'll need to figure out how specifically to coax him back to left brain..

More on this soon! (Boy is this a DUMB video!)


Lisa said...

Linda wrote an article for the Savvy Times entitled "The Ultimate Training Formula" (or something like that). She talked about getting a horse into a place where he could learn. It sort of flowed around the horsenality stuff. I don't know if there was specific advice but I'm sure it had strategy info in it. Might want to check that out.

Somewhere else, Linda said a LB horse that goes RB is more difficult than an innately RB horse. RB horses, in general, are looking for leadership. So when the human offers it, the horse is "relieved" and willing to follow. LB horses, in general, are fairly self confident and not necessarily looking for leadership. So when they get RB and a little unconfident, it's every man, woman and equine for themselves. It can be more of a challenge to have your leadership accepted. Interesting stuff . . .

~ Lisa
p.s. you're right, one of the dumbest videos EVER

Naturally Gaited said...

Very interesting about the LB to RB horse..

So far, he isn't challenging my leadership much (when he does it is more like "what's in it for me"). However, neither is he following my suggestion that everything is ok..

Dwell time when he is RB may turn out to be one of the big keys. We'll see if I can do better on Friday!