Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today's Highlights

This morning, Guinness and I headed back over to the indoor arena. Here are some highlights:
  • Just after I'd finished putting on his shipping boots, Guinness popped his head up and made a beeline for the trailer, where he loaded himself, apparently seeking his breakfast.
  • He hung out in the stall eating hay twice, without rearing or pawing, but he did anxiety poop (though he rarely does in the trailer). Big improvement.
  • We played point-to-point leading with the 12' line and carrot stick from Zone 3, over many ground poles and small jumps. Turned nose toward me with stick over back, and took first step sideways toward me.
  • Played Porcupine Game at the girth area: just in front with Zone 1 support to move forehand, at girth with me looking over his withers & supporting rein for sideways, and just behind the girth with lifted rein to move hindquarters
  • He spooked at the loony mare outside (behind him) while I was in front of him asking him to back up, so he took one step forward, one back, then one forward - looking just like a big pinball! It was basically a spook-in-place.
  • Rode the rail with halter, one rein, & bareback pad. He finally seems to be getting the idea and kept offering to walk forward before I asked him to. Eventually, we picked up the carrot stick and rode with it - no problems.
  • Practiced holding lateral flexion a bit longer while mounted, and dismounted over rump.
Unfortunately, after we returned home I developed a killer stomach ache. I have no idea what from.. Hopefully it will be gone by morning so that we can return to the indoor arena. I looked at my calendar again and we may only have 4 more sessions available over there. I need to remember to play with hobbling him, mounted gate work, and with the 45' rope while we have the chance!

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