Monday, June 21, 2010

Down By the River

Today, Guinness and I caught a ride to the river with Sierra and her mom, and their dog.

We walked along the trail next to the river for about 3 miles. I'd guess that I rode about 5 of the 6 miles. Then we returned and had a little picnic.

After that, Sierra and I spent about an hour wallowing in the river with our horses. What fun!

Guinness was more sceptical than Gandalf and balked once the water reached his belly. Gandalf really enjoyed himself and ultimately swam three or so laps around Sierra.

Guinness and I have a busy week ahead of us. Tomorrow evening, we have a trail obstacle group lesson at a friend's natural horsemanship barn. Then Friday, we travel to Broadview Ranch for a trail ride, and then onto the Lexington Horse Center on Saturday for our first American Competitive Trail Horse Association ride.

I love summer!

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