Monday, June 14, 2010

Neckid in the Yard

I have returned home from my trek to visit Michelle (a.k.a. "Arabhorselover1") and her husband and their furry family way up in the North Country of New York state! Between the 13 hour drive and all of the emotional excitement of the trip, I am POOPED.

I've been preventing myself from blogging about our adventures in an effort to force myself to first catch up on office work. However, I can't resist a little post about this evening.

I'd been planning all day to go out to play horsey after dinner - perhaps to ride Guinness across our pasture, out the gate, and down our driveway to our grassy septic field (the grass is always greener there, right?). I figured that this would be an extended point-to-point game. And he should be ok with leaving the grass to return back to the barn, so he'd be happy both ways.

However, when I finished eating, I realized that it was 8:15 pm and just about to get dark.. As I ran outside, I reformulated my plan: instead of riding down to the septic field, I would sit on Guinness bareback as he grazed the front lawn!

I was inspired by a recent post from Regina to play "human curry comb" and to slide all over Guinness bare back giving him scratches. (Boy is he still a bony baby.) I'm pleased to report that with his nose in the grass, he didn't even flinch as I scratched his chest and tail while mounted, and slid off over his rump a couple of times.

Surely nothing feels as soft as sitting on a horse bareback while wearing shorts. :-)

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Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

This is an interesting idea. I think my horses would love it! Excellent creativity!