Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spinning! (Me, not Guinness)

OK, I'm going to sneak in another blog post. I just can't resist.

While visiting Michelle in NY last week, we made a point of pampering ourselves with "horsey fitness camp." We ate delicious meals while staying within our Weight Watchers points, worked out by doing fitness videos & walking outdoors, reviewed PNH materials, and played with her ponies. During the week, I managed to lose 3+ lbs!

This morning, my son & I attended our second "spinning" class at the gym. A spinning class involves riding a stationary bike with a group of other folks. In our class, the leader does a guided visualization as she coaches riders to adjust their bikes to imaginary terrain and instructs us to do different exercises to music.

It turns out that I really enjoy this! I get to turn the responsibility for my workout over to someone else, and yet I can work at my own fitness level. Plus, I love sitting in near-darkness (lit with Christmas lights) and listening to music. ;-)

During the workout, it occurred to me how bike riding will help my horse riding. It is teaching me how to move rhythmically, smoothly, and symmetrically. I also have to work to keep my core & kegels tight, and to shift my weight up and out of the seat gracefully. And it is loosening my hip flexors.

I'm sure that Guinness would thank me if he could.

Thanks for the inspiration, Michelle!


Parelli Central said...

Congratulations on good better best on your mental, emotional, and physical. The bad news is you've lost your ability to apply for the worlds laziest horsewomen, sorry.

Parelli Mastery Program

Naturally Gaited said...

Darn - I was SO counting on winning it! Oh well, maybe I'll win the free Horsenality Report instead? ;-)

Michelle AKA arabhorselover1 said...

Hey Clare, You are very welcome! I have not tried spinning yet, it sounds like something fun to do! The gym has the classes but they don't fit in my schedule.

I can say that I really love the running program, gym, and my beloved videos...that is something.

Congrats on your 3 lb loss, that is awesome! Keep up the good work, you are worth it.