Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Group Trail Obstacle Lesson #3

This evening, Guinness and I braved 94 degree heat to head over for our group trail obstacle lesson. In preparation for the haul, I opened all of the vents/windows in his trailer and gave him a bucket of Equitea (which he loves). Fortunately, it was 6:30 pm by the time that we arrived and it had cooled down substantially. He wasn't even sweaty getting off of the trailer.

We rode this evening in a halter and bareback pad (no spurs).

Our focus of late has been Sideways Game. We've been playing it mounted, unmounted (close & at a distance), with me out in front or beside him, and both as a Driving game and as a Porcupine game. It is finally sinking into his head and he is starting to offer it!

He cantered with me a bit in the arena this evening and Paula complemented his "elevation in front" which she says is atypical of gaited horses. He really rolls back onto his hindquarters and rounds his back, which makes him feel like a rocking horse. Plus, he seems to do this in slow motion. Since I'm pretty much a chicken about going fast, I have no complaints!

He was very proud to mount the pedestal with all four feet on his first try during this lesson (unmounted). And his directional backing is doing much better - I tried to pull less on his face and to use more rhythmic pressure for support and had way less resistance from him.

We also played with me standing up on his back (I can squat!) and sitting on him in all different positions.

No issues loading up and heading home in the dark.

I'm hoping to sneak back to the river for a swim with him this Thursday. :-)


Emma Kline said...

sounds like a great day! its finally going to be in the 90's here too so a bit of inspiration from you for braving the head and not letting it stop your horsemanship time is great. thanks for that. :)emma

inchwormwv said...

Sweet! Sounds like you and Guiness are really having fun - enjoy!

Lisa said...

Our temps should hit around 105 (with heat index) today. Too hot for much of anything.

Who complained it was too cold?