Monday, July 12, 2010

Riding at Lanier's

Last Sunday, Guinness & I took an impromptu trip back to Lanier's place for a trail ride with Jennifer and Marge. (See my previous post "If I won the lottery.." for more about Lanier and his ranch.)

I somehow neglected to mention in my previous post that there is also a glider runway on Lanier's property. Anyway, it was pretty busy while we were there. Guinness has now officially been desensitized to low-flying gliders, as well as to boats!

(Here is a photo of Guinness' reaction to the glider and drag plane.)

We had a relaxed and easy-going ride with our friends. And it was great to meet up with Lanier at the end of our visit, as he was helping to load our friend's mule. What a cool guy. (Age 80? & L4 PNH student)

Other milestones during this excursion:
  • Guinness whinnied to me as I jogged away from him in the arena
  • He sidepassed to the right several steps at liberty, with me driving him from the side, no rail!
  • He performed his first spin (clockwise) while at liberty
  • He almost flawlessly allowed me to open a gate while mounted (practicing this from the ground is the key!! And of course, cookies for patience..)
Tomorrow evening, we'll be headed to the trail obstacle group lesson - weather permitting. It is FINALLY raining here.

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